Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 4 - Riders on the Storm

Check out those hills!

Hey, this is AJ! I've really been enjoying the bike trip so far. Today we rode from Elberta to Elk Rapids (65 miles). We were excited for what was supposed to be a flat day- at least according to my dad and Mr. Mills. As we soon found out, we were in for a day full of hills. However, we made it through that section of the route. After our lunch break we enjoyed some fresh cherry and apple pie compliments of Mrs. Carol Kuesel and Ryan Kuesel from Holland who met us along the trail. We were caught riding in the rain for a while. It was all down hill from there and we had an easy last couple of miles. We arrived at our camp site at 4:30 and had a quick snack. Our motorcycle supporters, Teri, Kujo, and Mitch took us all out for "all you can eat perch" where we had some great times. But we will leave that funny story for Ben to write about! Thanks Guys for all the support and keep clicking and sharing with your friends about our cause.! We'll see how tomorrow goes. Thanks for checking in with us! AJ Our photos from the day are awesome but we can't get them to upload for some reason.

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