Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day Two - Ride Across Michigan - Ram - Cycling4 Hope

Read Fab Grand Rapids Newspaper article

Barrett and Abbey Reporting in on Day Two:

Hey, everyone this is Abby and Barrett, we are sitting in Micky D's. Today was a great day with a little rough start, my tire was bulged and we had to switch tires. Then while going on one of the bumpy roads my new tube exploded. So by mid morning I was on my third tube for the trip, hopefully I don't blow any more tubes. After riding all morning, we rode into Silver Lake for the afternoon. While Abby fixed her bike at the shop us boys ran around Silver Lake riding go-carts. That was fun. It rained some.

Ben and I quickly learned that AJ is a reckless driver and should never be given the keys to his mother's jeep! Once Abby's bike got fixed we rode on to Ludington where Abby and I pulled off to the side of the road and chased a deer, which we learned was quite fast (duh). So, we failed at catching the deer, her and I continued on riding. We had no clue where AJ and Ben took off to, because they broke rank and rode ahead, they still think this ride is tour de France. :) That’s all I guess ha-ha. There will be pictures or a slide show up soon, check them out :] Tomorrow AJ and Ben will post their stories. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments -- Abby and Barrett for all! Click Here and Donate Now!

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