Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 5 - Saturday - Amazing Feats by Ben "Mini McGruppen" Z Reporting in...

What Happened to Dr. Mills?

Update on Day 5 from Ben

I’m really not one to talk because well I like to do things in person but some things always pop up. Like day 3 our first chances to get great speed down some big big hills. Though the hills were hard to get up, they where worth going down. We have had many you could say highlights so far during our trip like one of my favorites last night. Kujo had taken us out for steak dinners. It turned out to be an “all you could” eat perch dinner! Yahoo! little did we know the sea gulls were also wanting a perch dinner. We had so much fun!! Thanks Kujo! Through out the trip we have gotten to know each other better and working with each other has been so much fun! And last but not least today has been a fun day and all with the effects of my blood sugar we figured out that I can become a duck, elephant and, a Mini McGruppen!

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