Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Now that I'm a mom of six...

I used to have the latest up to the minute technology and electronic gadgets; now that I'm a mom of six I have a used ripped stepped-on spiral notebook and a pencil with a very dull lead. I used to have long, sweet smelling, deep luxurious baths, now I count standing in the rain as my monthly shower. I used to have oodles of close friends, lunches out, and power walks around the lake, now I have the pediatricians and clerks at Walgreen’s (they are my only friends). I used to look at Vogue, now without for ten years I look like I am from the morgue. I used to go on dates with my spouse and now we eat lot of prunes, figs, and dates. I used to sport the latest make-up, now I need an extremely extreme makeover and scrape the leftovers out of the bottom of my mauve lipstick tube with a ball point pen. I used to style in the latest shishi fashions, now I have to put the power of positive thinking on my vintage fashion statement. I used to throw and glaze my own original pottery, now I throw my own pottery for sure.

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