Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Michelle, Minneapolis, MN, 40

Kelly's blog has a single mingle going on. I asked many single friends if I could write about them and only my good friend Michelle agreed. She is a mature Christ follower and Believer. Michelle is an idea person. She is also the kind of person that you would love to take a cross country trip with. You would not hear complaining, but you would hear a lot of laughing from the back seat. Michelle is never married, no kids. You will find her a very giving person, she never arrives without carrying cute bags with unique gifts to distribute to her friends and family. She's a great cook and adoring auntie to her many nieces and nephews and even makes room for our kids in her heart. In the words of MacKenzie, our youngest daughter, she said, "Michelle took me to the Mall of America and we were going to just do one ride. Michelle ended up doing so many more rides with me that she would have saved money by buying the whole day pass for both of us." She is barely just 40 and she is the fun adventure-one.
Here's a couple paragraphs below about Michelle from Michelle herself: "I love to travel, hang out with family and friends, and enjoy the creative side of life, including live music shows and plays. I do also enjoy the typical girl things like scrapbooking, shopping, and spa days." J "However, I’m really looking for a “man with a plan!” I’ve heard that when you get married it’s not all romance and flowers, but I’d love to every once in a while break out from the routine of: “Go to work, relax at home, go to bed, repeat!” I’d love to have a mission or plan for our family that is slightly beyond the normal. Maybe live in another country for a while, learn a new hobby together, etc. Maybe it’s not really possible, but I’d like to at least try. If I find a great guy that can make me laugh, that would be icing on the cake!" from Michelle If you want to get in contact with Michelle, you can write me Mrs. Cheryl Moeller at

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