Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Top Ten Excuses Mothers Hear From Children

Top Ten Excuses Mothers Hear From Children 1. I gave the cat a hair-cut because he said he was hot outside. 2. I ate the last cookie so I wouldn’t spoil my appetite for tomorrow’s night’s supper. 3. I sprayed my brother with the hose just to get rid of all his germs – he’s healthy now. 4. I didn’t draw on the wall – the dog did – but I tried to stop him. 5. I didn’t brush my teeth because the tooth fairy needs business. 6. I stuck my peanut butter sandwich to the bottom of my chair so I can eat it while I’m crawling around. 7. I sprayed all your perfume on the hamster because she wants a boyfriend. 8. I put glue in my sister’s hair so her pony tail wouldn’t fall off. 9. I took your cell phone with me in the bathtub so I could call you when I was ready to get out. 10. I used the red marker to show my sister what chickenpox looks like – now she can tell you when she gets them.

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