Saturday, April 13, 2013

One of Our Daughter's 2013 version new retro twist to a "Tupperware party"

"My friends are planning a Tupperware party during lunch tomorrow," Megan said. "Which one of your 16 year old high school friends is selling Tupperware?" I asked. "Why would you sell Tupperware? You can buy it though on vintage Etsy sites. At our Tupperware parties everyone brings a Tupperware container full of food. It's like a potluck we have at church or for our block parties. We make a buffet table out of our cafeteria table at lunch so everyone can share. I was supposed to bring swedish meatballs, but due to horse issues with IKEA's swedish meatballs, I promised my friends that we would make swedish meatballs from scratch to fill grandma's big vintage Tupperware bowl. Tupperware is cool now because it's retro," Megan informed me. "Are boys involved?" I asked. "No, unless they bring a Tupperware full of food we like."

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