Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Roller Skate Key

My  Roller Skate Key
Opens skates
Opens side-walks to worlds
Opens imagination to a generous childhood

I love funny scarecrow twins in our garden rows
I love hot or cold in my thermos
I love my silent broom sweeper while they sleep

I love dust mops and dusters
I love vinegar, peroxide, and baking soda for cleaning 
I love my treadle sewing machine making shirts
I love rakes in fall and shovels in winter
I love my bike with no gears
I love to "skate" on wet leaves on shoes no skates unraked sidewalks 
I love two tin cans a piece of string between two houses filled with children
I love paper and quill pen for the lost art of letter writing
I love sweet cards my daughters and sons make with scissors
I love term papers written on a manual typewriter 
I love beans opened with a hand can opener 
I love cornbread cooked in a cast iron skillet
I love candles at night with no other lights on

My roller skate key opens more worlds than a computer password
Technology can't improve on imagination

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