Friday, November 23, 2012

BOGO Our Christian Marriage Conference CDs and DVDs

Special Today  BOGO

Buy one of our CD 4-Part sets or DVD 4-Part sets and get an additional set of the same conference (or another conference of your choosing) that you order for free.
3.  FBFWFK Marriage Conference Part II audio (4 CDs)
(The new Part II has different session topics than the ones listed on the website.  Session #1 - How to Get Your Husband to Talk to You, Session #2 - How to Encourage Your Wife to be Intimate with You, Session #3 - How Two People Become Truly One, Session #4 - How to Prevent an Affair in Your Marriage)
So, if you purchase the Part II of the marriage conference you are going to get the CDs published here not on the products page.) 
4.  The Road to "I Do" Singles Conference audio (4 CDs)
new taping
BOGO (buy one get one) buy one conference set and get one conference set identical or of your choice for free. (Please send us a note with instructions after purchasing the one set you want, as to what you want for your free set.) (Do not purchase the second set.)  You only pay shipping on the first set.  Click here to get started

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