Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday Week, Business Owners: Link up to Sell, Shoppers: Click in Each Link to Shop

I am so proud of my friends who are running small businesses from home.  It's what made and makes America so great.  I look to their pioneering and entrepreneurship for inspiration.

So it's Cyber Monday, but we are going to have Cyber Monday week.

I'm a mom just like you and I have a link I am going to put up, also so you can check out our products:  CDs, DVDs, books, and Kindle books.  

This is a place for business owners to link up their shops for a one stop buying place for shoppers.
Link up your Etsy shops, websites, blog hosts...  Whether you sell one thing or many, this is your
place to sparkle.

The best way to thank a small business owner is to buy something from them today!

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