Friday, November 16, 2012

Link Your Mom, Grandma, Women's Blog Here Today

Blog are Replacing Magazines and Newspaper Variety Sections as Seriously Taken Idea Source.
I have two blogs Momlaughs and Writing Mentor

Do you have a blog?  Do you have a friend who writes a blog for women?

Do you have a Christian mom, grandma, or women's blog?  We want to see your blog!  Let's see your blog, website, facebook, linkedin, twitter account, or ?

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Julie-Allyson Ieron said...

I'm on Blogger, too, - with a devotional for caregivers: The name pretty much says it all.

Come visit - and stay a while.

You'll find encouragement from the Word and a companion for the exhausting journey.


Julie-Allyson Ieron
Author: The GOD Interviews
Bible conference speaker