Monday, November 26, 2012

Two Soups Tuesday: What to do with the Tiny Bits of Turkey Leftovers?

Great for Turkey leftovers (all it needs is one to two cups of cut small cooked turkey - white or dark meat.)

A homemaker makes a house a home.

1.  Gladys' Potato Soup  (Gladys is my mom. )

In a soup kettle melt one stick of margarine (which is 1/2 cup)
Into the melted margarine or butter. put 1 clove garlic or sprinkle a little garlic powder,
chopped 3 TB onions or a couple shakes of onion flakes, minced
1 stalk of celery, cut small
1 large carrot, cut small   (optional on the carrot but you need the celery for seasoning)
                                       (You can grate the carrot into the soup.)
Cook (but don't brown or burn on very low about 1 minute.

Then add one cup of flour.
Stir and cook about one minute on low low, but don't burn.

Add two to three quarts of water with 10 chicken bouillon cubes or two boxes of chicken stock. Salt and pepper to taste.  Cut about three large potatoes into very small cubes real small like :).  I like well washed red potatoes and you don't have to peel, just scrub really well.  Cut real small.

Stir well when you pour everything into the crock pot and still several times during the 6 to 8 hours cooking time with cover on.

When you are ready to serve, add 1 cup cream and then allow the soup to heat up again

Salt and pepper, but taste first because the bouillon makes it's kind of salty.

2.  Easy Turkey Taco Soup


2 cups turkey leftovers, cut small
1/2 cup chopped onion or 3 Tablespoons onion flakes
1 cup frozen peas
1 cups frozen corn
20 oz. diced tomatoes
16 oz. black beans, drained
16 oz. chicken stock or veggie stock
1 1 oz. package taco seasoning


1.  Heat a large frying pan pot and stir in the onion with a touch of oil. 
2.  Add the other ingredients to the crock pot.  
3.  Add in the slightly cooked onion.
4.  Cook for 6-8 hours on low in the crock pot.
5.  Serve with avocado and sour cream on the side.

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