Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let the Laughter Begin

How Many Nights a Week Do you Have a Family Dinner with everyone present?  I hope more than five evenings.

Here's an easy meal menu planner that I designed.  I not only give you recipes, but with two slow cookers cooking, I create your menu for dinner (there is one chapter for breakfast, also). When you are all seated at the table; let the laughter begin.

The project began because I became concerned that most families were barely eating two or three dinners together each week.  We are able to have more dinners than most families and I wanted to share our secret.  Two slow cookers make sure there is enough food, an entree and a side dish, or two choices
for picky or allergen-prone family members.

I hope you try my cookbook written to make your life easier.
Perfect for lots of people on your Christmas list, including you!
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